The mystics were right after all!

Put the Power of Your Mind
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Now you can discover the secrets mystics have used for centuries to heal ...

Back and joint pain
Chronic illness
Emotional pain and longing
Phobias, anxiety and depression

For centuries, the power of the mind has been used to heal both physical and emotional issues. Real-life miracles have been performed. Healers, shaman, wise men and women, Hindu fakirs and Indian yogi have all used the power of the human mind to cure disease, stop pain and enhance performance.

How have they done this? Through specific techniques of the mind.

History is proof!

Egyptians utilized a method of healing called 'incubation', or 'temple sleep' as early as 3,000 B.C. The priests considered this form of 'sleep' to have special healing powers and that the person in the sleep was in an enlightened state. The Temples of Imhotep were popular for 'sleep therapy' and 'shrine sleep' which is still found in some areas of Africa and the Middle East.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used 'Aesculapian Sleep Temples' to put patients in a trance-like sleep for healing 2,000 years ago.

Similarly, the Hebrews utilized breathing exercises, chanting and meditation to produce an 'ecstasy like state' which they called Kavanah. Today we call this form of therapy hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Monarchs in England and France were said to have "The Royal Touch", where they induced a trance through chants and laying of hands to cure diseases and conditions such as tuberculosis.

Before the invention of anesthesia, medical doctors in Europe and America used hypnosis to put their patients in a hypnotic trance where no pain could be felt. Doctors and midwives used hypnosis to alleviate pain and aid in the birth process. It was even used during the revolutionary war when battlefield doctor's removed the pain soldiers felt before he operated on them.

To this day, hypnosis cures physical pains and emotional pain. Hypnosis heals. It is safe and effective. Hypnosis is not magic, and it won't make you do anything that is not aligned with your values. It uses the power of your own mind to help you go where you want to go.

Want less pain? Let's go there!

Save money. Heal faster.

To take advantage of the power of hypnosis, people typically visit a professional hypnotherapist. But professional hypnotherapists take time and cost money. Healing you takes a lot longer than the stage performances, where they instantly put someone in a trance. They need to establish a connection, a rapport with you and find out enough about you to be able to say the right things to get the results you want.

Another option people often choose is to buy a generic pre-recorded script. While this is a cheaper option, there's no rapport, no connection and no customization. It just does not work as well.

There is a better way!

Now, for the first time ever, you can combine the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist with the low cost of a pre-recorded script. You benefit from a pre-established connection and the power of customized suggestions made specifically for you.

How can this be?

Because you create the suggestions yourself. With this download you will learn exactly what to say. You will learn exactly how to say it. You will learn how to produce the results you want.

In about thirty minutes, you'll be on your way to healing yourself.

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